AsusWrt-Merlin Router Firmware is a customized router firmware Created by Asus Company and can be developed by any one, this firmware used for some newest models.


Asuswrt-Merlin – custom firmware for Asus routers support :

  • RT-N16
  • RT-N66U
  • RT-AC66U
  • RT-AC56U
  • RT-AC68U
  • RT-AC68P
  • RT-AC87

File Details :


File Name : Asuswrt-Merlin

File Size : 33 MB

Version : 378.52

Language : English

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378.52 (3-Apr-2015)
   - NEW: Merged with Asus GPL 378_4608
   - NEW: Added ECDHE support to the webui (when accessed over HTTPS)
   - NEW: The DHCP server can now provide a second DNS to its clients
   - NEW: You can tell the router not to advertise itself as a DNS
   - NEW: Experimental Tor support (feature originally developed by
          Asus, but not available yet on stock firmware).  You can
          enable it in the VPN section of the webui.
   - CHANGED: Updated miniupnpd to 1.9.20150309
   - CHANGED: You can no longer disable the JFFS2 partition if
              Traffic Analyzer is enabled.  Likewise, you can
              no longer enable Traffic Analyzer if the JFFS2
              partition is disabled.
   - CHANGED: The selected refresh rate of the Wireless Clients
              page will be saved to a cookie
   - CHANGED: Removed obsolete (non-safe) ciphers such as RC4
              from the router's https webui
   - CHANGED: Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0r
   - CHANGED: Removed Turbo button support from webui, as that feature
              doesn't work with the current bootloader everyone is
              using now (RT-AC68)
   - CHANGED: Performance optimization to the httpd, dropbear 
              and rc services
   - FIXED: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz-1 clients were swapped on the
            Sysinfo page (RT-AC3200 only)
   - FIXED: Wifi PSK wasn't blurred until activated (regression
            from 378.51)
   - FIXED: Samba's custom config/postconf were ignoring the
            state of the global option to enable them (they
            would always be used)
   - FIXED: Samba's custom config/postconf usage wasn't logged
   - FIXED: Some services would fail on their first attempt
            to start at boot time due to the QTN subsystem
            taking too long.  Implemented patch from Asus 
            which eliminates the long QTN stall at boot  
            time.  This resolves the issue where some users 
            had trouble connecting their WAN at boot time (RT-AC87U)
   - FIXED: NAT rules could occasionally fail to be applied
            (patch by john9527)
   - FIXED: The Apply button on the Adaptive Bandwidth page
            had a clickable area so wide that it even covered
            part of the left side menu.  (Asus bug)
   - FIXED: USB menu was removed instead of Parental Control on
            DPI-enabled models
   - FIXED: QoS page was still available on the AP/RP modes on
            DPI-enabled models
   - FIXED: Error on OpenVPN Server page if using a DHCP pool for
            connected clients.
   - FIXED: UPNP would be reported as enabled on the security report
            if it was enabled on the secondary WAN even if Dual WAN
            itself wasn't enabled.  Now we check that Dual WAN itself 
            is also enabled before reporting so.  (Asus bug)
   - FIXED: mtd-erase was unable to erase the brcmnand partition, which
            is used as the JFFS2 partition starting with the RT-AC66U
             (patch by benoitm974)
   - FIXED: JFFS2 partition couldn't be formatted for all routers but
            the RT-N66U (wrong partition name).  Also resolved the case
            where a second reboot was required to mount it.
   - FIXED: RT-AC3200 port numbering was reversed on the Sysinfo page.Asuswrt-Merlin - custom firmware Features :
  • Based on the source release from Asus
  • Various bugfixes
  • Performance optimizations to CPU-bound services such as OpenVPN
  • Some components were updated to their latest versions, for improved stability and security
  • Persistent JFFS partition
  • User scripts that run on specific events
  • Cron jobs
  • Customized config files for router services
  • LED control – put your Dark Knight in Stealth Mode by turning off all LEDs
  • Entware easy setup script (a modern alternative to Optware)
  • SNMP support


Disk sharing:
  • Optionally use shorter share names (folder name only)
  • Disk spindown after user-configurable inactivity timeout
  • NFS exporting of USB drives


  • Act as a SMB Master Browser
  • Act as a WINS server
  • Advanced SSHD support
  • Allows tweaking TCP/UDP connection tracking timeouts
  • CIFS client support (for mounting remote SMB share on the router)
  • User-defined options for WAN DHCP queries (required by some ISPs)
  • Advanced OpenVPN client and server, based on code originally written by Keith Moyer for Tomato and reused with his permission. (all models except RT-N16)
  • Netfilter ipset module, for efficient blacklist implementation
  • Site survey page (under Wireless)
  • Configurable lowest/highest allowed UPNP ports
  • IPSec kernel support (N16/N66/AC66)
  • DNS-based Filtering, can be applied globally or per client
  • Custom DDNS (through a user script)
  • Advanced NAT loopback (as an alternative to the default one)
Web interface:
  • Optionally save traffic stats to disk (USB or JFFS partition)
  • Enhanced traffic monitoring: added monthly, as well as per IP monitoring
  • Name field on the DHCP reservation list and Wireless ACL list
  • System info summary page
  • Wireless client IP, hostname, rate and rssi on the Wireless Log page
  • Wifi icon reports the state of both radios
  • Display the Ethernet port states
  • The various MAC/IP selection pulldowns will also display hostnames when possible instead of just NetBIOS names
  • Advanced Wireless client list display, including automated refresh

A few features that first debuted in Asuswrt-Merlin have since been integrated/enabled in the official firmware: 

  • HTTPS configuration interface
  • Turning WPS button into a radio on/off toggle
  • Clicking on the MAC address of an unidentified client will do a lookup in the OUI database.
  • WakeOnLan web interface (with user-entered preset targets)
  • Display active/tracked network connections
  • VPN Status page
  • DualWAN and Repeater mode (while it was still under development by Asus)
  • Basic OpenVPN (client and server) support
  • Configurable IPv6 firewall
  • Improved compatibility with 3TB+ and Advanced Format HDDs
  • SSHD

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