Web Hosting Companies

Best Web Hosting Companies of 2017

Here is a great list for Web Hosting Companies of 2017 year offer good hosting plans which allow you to Begin with your website and these companies help you to upgrade from one plan to other depend on your website’s visitors or traffic. Some of these companies have VPS ( virtual private server ) which allows […]

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Best Photo Editing Software

Best Photo Editing Software 2017

You may have a digital camera capable of taking professional pictures but sometimes you need need to modify these images in terms of lighting or the brightness or color. This modifications need a good Photo Editing Software to edit pictures to get an amazing photo, there are a lot of Photo editors programs you can […]

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Best Torrent Websites 2017 | Top Choices for you

Before talking about Torrent Websites 2017 list we should actually talking about what is Torrent? and How this Process Happen ? The Torrent is one of the Methods of downloading files from the Internet does not depend on the server but we are downloading files by sharing them using other users using their computers and […]

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CD Burning

Best CD Burning Software 2017

Are you looking for Best CD Burning Software for 2017  year with good features, here is an article from iDad Tech counts top CD Burner Software from high User Rate to Lower user rate. Firstly, you should know the factors which affect selecting of Best CD Burning Software, the factors Include: Burn Data include files, […]

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Top 12 Websites to Learn Android Programming

Android programming is the process by which to create applications that can be run on the android operating system, and these applications can be programmed using java programming language by using Android Studio and SDK ( Android Software Development Kit ) software, so if you are beginner in android programming you need something to help […]

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