CCleaner is best PC Cleaner  intended to optimize and clean your system From Various files.


Why CCleaner is best Cleaner software ?

CCleaner removes unused files from your hard drives, shortcuts without target, help files, ActiveX controls, the entries in the registry, etc.

In order to free up space and improve loading of Windows. CCleaner is also able to erase any trace of browsing on the Web in a few seconds. The application removes temporary files, history of visited sites, cookies, forms, etc.

CCleaner will make your Computer faster, Protect your Privacy, Real-time Junk Monitoring and contain Defragmentation and File Recovery tools.


Not stopping here, you will find behind the Tools Six features are very useful:
Uninstalling programs: interface to uninstall software that allows, in addition, rename or remove an entry,
Faster Windows Start: three tabs to disable (or reactivate and if necessary delete) entries concerning the execution of applications to start Windows, so scheduled tasks to change the context menus (right click) of Windows.
Browser Plugins: offering to disable (or reactivate and if necessary delete) extensions of your browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).
Analysis of disk to scan your disks to find out what and what types of documents clutters it
Duplicate file search, help, of course, the deduplication of files.
System restore allows you to remove unnecessary restore points and so saving storage
Disc eraser: this module provides the ability to perform secure, erasures that is to write one or more times to the “0” instead of your data so that they are never read.


CCleaner supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Finally, the program can remove temporary documents from many applications, such as eMule, KaZaA, Google Toolbar, Office, Nero, Adobe Reader, WinRAR, etc. This new version is 64-bit capable.


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