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For these beginner web designers who can’t make an element for example text inside tag <div> in central position of the page using CSS, here is this simple tutorial explains how to make it in the middle of the page horizontally and vertically.

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How to center an element horizontally and vertically middle using CSS ?

1- Make this Position of the <DIV> is absolute ===> position: absolute;.

2- Set the Left and Top as 50% ===> left: 50%;top: 50%;

3- If the width for example 500px make the margin-left is -250px (” – Half of the width“).

4- If the Height for example 500px make the margin-top is -250px (“– Half of the height“).


Final Code should be like this :

position: absolute;
left: 50%;
top: 50%;
margin-left: -250px; /*half width*/
margin-top: -250px; /*half height*/




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