Windows 7 ISO

if you want to reinstall Microsoft Windows 7 on Your Laptop or your Computer, and searched on you Windows 7 Disc but you can’t found it; here is the solution from Microsoft website.

Now You can Download your Windows 7 ISO files x86, x64 in your language to install it on your PC by using Product key.

Windows 7 ISO will help you to create a bootable DVD or USB to make an installation on your hard drive.

Windows 7 ISO

Requirements :
1- Windows 7 Product key.
1- Stable internet Connection.
2- Free Space (From 2 to 3.5 GB) on your Hard drive or USB.
4- ISO burning software to bur the iso in your USB Drive or in a DVD like Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

How to Find Windows 7 Product Key :
– Read the Product Key From the COA Sticker back of your laptop which verifies that your notebook came with an authentic copy of Windows.

– Use NirSoft ProduKey to find the product key in your windows.

How to Download Windows 7 ISO File From Microsoft:

Step 1 : Go to Microsoft Software Recovery Center to Download the iso file From Here.
Step 2 : scroll to middle of page and enter your product key and select the product language.

Windows 7 iso

Step 3 : Click on Next – Verify Product Key.

Step 4 : After Microsoft verified from your Product key the download process will begin.

Note : In view of the remarks from an article on an alternate website clients with OEM licenses won’t be to have the ability to use this method. Furthermore it shows up this method is just for those clients who bought the retail form of Windows 7. MSDN and TechNet supporters won’t have the ability to use this feature too.

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