Android programming is the process by which to create applications that can be run on the android operating system, and these applications can be programmed using java programming language by using Android Studio and SDK ( Android Software Development Kit ) software, so if you are beginner in android programming you need something to help you learn android programming language.

top websites to learn android programming

By learning this language you will able to build :
1- Apps with Content Sharing include sharing information and sharing files.
2- Apps with Multimedia include audio or video files, Printing content and capture photos.
3- Apps with Graphics & Animation.
4- Apps with Network Connection.
5- Apps with User Info, Location and maps.
6- Apps for TV.
7- Various Games.
8- Apps for Mobile Services include text messaging, Security,System Performance improve android system or other utilities.

So here in our website we will give you top websites where you can learn programming android applications in varoius ways depend on the website, some of these websites using videos to learn you and the other using pictures with texts.

Top Websites to Learn Android Programming

1- Android Developers : best resource to learn android programming powered by Google and contains the tools which you need it to start programming.
2- TutorialsPoint : Simple and Good place to learn the essential things about android programming.
3- Coursera : This course gives a thorough prologue to the configuration and usage of Android applications for tablets and smartphones.
4- tutsplus : best database to learn android programming.
5- Onlinevideolecture : contains Free Video Lectures help you to programming applications.
6- Alison : contains Free Online Course to develop Apps.
7- Lynda : includes free video tutorials.
8- Vogella : amazing collection of android tutorials.
9- Technotalkative : Contains more than 50 Android Tutorials.
10- Where To Start – Learning Android Development the Right Way : Google Plus Account created by Kevin Darty helps you to get started Developing for Android.
11- Teamtreehouse : Learn Android Development step by step, you need to watch the course to unlock next course.
12- Codelearn : This website is amazing to learn Android Programming from Starters to Experts.

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Best Website to Learn Android programming



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