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Microsoft has worked hard to try to promote its product “Skype Bots” since the service was announced in March Past Year. The company now says more than 30,000 developers began to build chat bots.

The developers have also granted the ability to make the bot richer interactions with the help of maps, carousels and revenues. For example, if a consumer wants to book hotel rooms Skype can now meet their demands with photos of the rooms of the hotel and They can even reserve the right room .

What are Skype Bots or chatbots :

Skype Bots are small programs with an artificial intelligence that can perform many useful things and activities, such as healthcare, Create and email PDF invoices, search for latest news, get summaries for all web pages, gaming, etc. You can start a chat with a bots as you do with friends. Simply click on the bot and to write.
bots are currently available in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore and United States.
skype bots

How to add Skype bots to our Devices ?

1- Android and iOS :

  • From Recent Tab, tab floating action button then bot icon or directly from your skype Contacts.

2- Mac OS :

  • Click on Add Bot after selecting contacts

3- Windows :

  • Click On add bots.

How to differentiate between Normal and Skype certified bot ?

  • Under any Certified Profile you will see “Skype Certified”.
  • A Certified Skype bot’s avatar is hexagon-shaped.
  • Certified Profile have gray tick mark next to contact name.

How to Block or delete Skype Bots ?

  • You can delete or block any Skype bot In the same way with contacts.

How to Add Skype bot in a group chat ?

  • Type @ and then select the Skype bot from the list of group participants.

Where To Find Skype bots ?

  • Just using this link or here you can find Skype Bots.

How to Create Skype bots for “Skype for Business”?

Skype for Business is supported by Microsoft bot framework, To find all the messaging channels that are supported visit the Bot Framework’s documentation site.



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