WiFi File Transfer

Using Wireless we can do anything we want, while using Android USB Cable to Move, Transfer or Upload files from our computer ( Mac, Windows , Linux ) or vice versa is very old method and its take a long time to make it, we can Use our Network or WiFi to Transfer files from PC to Android Smartphone or Tablet.

Transfer process from PC to Android or ( from Android to PC ) needs to install some useful apps on our Android Devices and sometimes needs to install additional software on our Operating System to get Permissions.

How to Upload Files from PC to Android Using WiFi File Transfer App?

This is a very simple method after downloading and installing WiFi File Transfer app on your Android Phone then open the Application and you will get an ip address such as, and this IP after copy and paste it inside your browser address bar allows you to manage your Android’s files.


WiFi File TransferWiFi File Transfer App allows you to Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip files and Upload or download multiple files at once; you can see other application features on Google Play.

How to Transfer Files from PC to Android Using Filedrop App?

Filedrop is a free app supports Windows, Mac OS X and Android but on iOS devices its not free you need to pay $2.99 to download and install it on your iPhone or iPad,

To Begin Transfer files from you Computer to Your Android Device or vice versa you need to install Filedrop software on you Windows or MacOS X then install Filedrop App on your Android Device from Google Play.

Then Open The App and software on both Android Device and Computer and Start Drag & Drop Your Files as a Video.


The Conclusion:

these two methods are very simple and easy but if you want other method or apps you can also use AirDroid or Dropbox.


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